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Whole House Humidifiers Are Good for Your Health and Home

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Improve your family’s health and comfort by installing a whole house humidifier.

Installing a whole house humidifier offers a number of benefits to improve your family’s health, as well as maintaining your home’s value.

Why Use a Humidifier?

Overly dry air throughout our homes is a condition many of us deal with when our furnaces kick on during the winter months. Low humidity has a direct impact on our health and comfort, as well as on the condition of our homes and energy costs.

  • Staying Healthy
    Many viruses thrive in low-humidity environments leading to a greater chance of catching the flu, colds, and other respiratory ailments. We can also be more susceptible to infection in an overly dry environment.

    Honeywell whole house humidifier

    Honeywell Whole House humidifiers provide the right humidity levels for your home.

  • Being Comfortable
    Overly dry air can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms and lead to dry and bloody noses, sore throats, and cracked, itchy skin.
  • Preserving Your Home
    Dry air can damage many things in a home including hardwood floors, plaster, paint, wallpaper, wood furniture, artwork, electronics and musical instruments. Maintaining normal humidity levels protects your contents from the long-term adverse effects of dry air.
  • Lowering Your Energy Bill
    Installing a whole house humidifier can help you feel warmer at lower temperatures. According to the EPA, you can save up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat.

Multiple Benefits from Whole House Humidifiers

Whole house humidifiers work with your HVAC system to ensure that every room of your home has the optimal moisture levels. Controlling humidity levels will make your home more comfortable; reduce the incidence of illnesses; keep valuable items in your home from deteriorating; and even lower your monthly heating bill.  It also extends the life of wood furniture and hardwood floors.

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