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Managing Your HVAC System with Your Smartphone

Technology continues to expand our horizons and provide us with options that can make our lives better.  In the world of HVAC controls the next BIG THING is controlling your home’s heating and cooling system from your Smartphone.

HVAC Smartphone

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats controlled from your Smartphone.

The Next Step in Home HVAC Controls
Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are becoming more common because of the amazing convenience they provide for homeowners.  Having the ability to adjust the temperature in your home when you are away saves money and energy.  Just imagine being able to increase or decrease the settings on your thermostat so your home is nice and comfortable when you return.

HVAC systems today can manage temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speeds, ventilation and zoning.  Having the ability to control and manage these various aspects of your heating and cooling system at home or away ultimately provides greater comfort in your home and saves money on your utility bills.

Monitor the Local Weather
WiFi accessible thermostats can monitor your local weather via the Internet.  This allows you to program your home thermostat in order to accommodate upcoming weather changes.

Be Connected When You Are Away
Many WiFi enabled thermostats come with a One-Touch Away mode.  Through your phone you can turn your air conditioning or furnace up or down with just one touch of this app.


Control and manage your home’s HVAC system from anywhere.

Stay on Top of Your Service Requirements
Alerts that give you advanced warning of pending problems and/or service reminders also can be sent to your Smartphone.  This helps you stay on top of your units service schedule.  Something most of us don’t always remember to do.

Accommodating Your Crazy Schedules
With the crazy schedules we all seem to keep these days having the ability to remotely adjust your home’s comfort levels can be very helpful.  So can being able to adjust your thermostat settings as you head down the road on your next vacation.

In these situations and others using technology to make your life a little less hectic sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

Have Questions?  Call MECKO’s.
Have questions on how this new technology can benefit you?  We’ll be happy to answer them.  Just give us a call at 765-447-7555 or send us an email at Mecko’s Heating & Cooling.

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Contact Info

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