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Can You Hear What Your Air Conditioner is Telling You?

Person ListeningIf the noises from your air conditioner have gone beyond the “normal” ones of buzzing, wooshing and brief high-pitched squeals, you may want to listen more closely to determine if there are problems you need to address.

When Your A/C is Telling You It Needs Help

More extreme noises can indicate larger problems that if not addressed may lead to more extensive system damage.  When you hear these noises it is probably best to contact a local HVAC technician.

Servicing air conditioner

Annual maintenance can prevent many of those strange noises from occurring.

•Whining or screeching: worn belts or a failing motor could be the culprit.

•Rattling: loose hardware may require tightening or replacement.

•Thudding or clanking: a large component such as a fan blade may be loose, requiring repair.

•Squeaking: bearings may need replaced.

•Gurgling or humming: there could be an issue with the level of refrigerant in the refrigerant lines.

•Hissing: a refrigerant leak could reduce the ability of your system to cool.

•Vibration: noises caused by excessive vibration could be due to loose parts or refrigerant piping being strapped too tight.

•Clicking: a clicking sound within your condenser, can indicate debris is trapped inside and contacting the fan blade.

Don’t Ignore What You Hear from Your Air Conditioner

Never ignore strange noises hoping that they will go away on their own because they normally won’t.  They can be a precursor to equipment malfunctions that can cause severe damage.

What to do When Your A/C Unit is Screaming at You

When you hear those “not so normal” sounds screaming at you, it’s time to call a local HVAC professional right away.  To prevent these shouting matches, we suggest performing annual maintenance on your A/C unit.  This is the best way to avoid these potentially problematic noises from becoming bigger problems in the future.

Mecko’s A/C Super Tune-Up

Mecko’s Heating & Cooling is still offering its A/C Super Tune-Up Special.  If your HVAC is not working smoothly, we’ll perform our 11-Point inspection of your air conditioning system for $79.00. To schedule an appointment online go to Service Request or call us at 765-447-7555.


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