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Is a HVAC Maintenance Agreement Right for You?

HVAC Maintenance PlansWhen a furnace or A/C unit is installed or repaired, the HVAC contractor will often ask, “Would you be interested in an annual maintenance plan?” Before just saying “no thanks”, you should consider some of the many reasons homeowners sign up for these annual agreements.

Why Have a Maintenance Agreement?
Most of us tend to forget about annual maintenance services, and a pre-scheduled agreement insures that our HVAC system is well maintained, operates at peak efficiency, and product life is maximized.

When you sign up for a HVAC maintenance agreement you’re arranging with a contractor to service your HVAC system according to a regular schedule.  There are a number of benefits in doing this.

  • HVAC Service AgreementA properly maintained HVAC system will last longer and perform better.
  • They can provide cost savings over time, especially if your unit is no longer under factory warranty.
  • They can help cut your energy costs by ensuring that the unit is functioning efficiently.
  • They help prevent breakdowns that can lead to discomfort and costly repairs.
  • You’ll receive priority when calling your HVAC provider for service or repairs.

Evaluating the Cost of an HVAC Service Agreement
HVAC service contracts are agreements with upfront annual fees. Depending on the services offered, plans can cost between $150 and $500 per year. Determining if an agreement is a good deal depends on its cost, the services it provides, and the age and condition of your HVAC system.

For instance, it may not be economical if your HVAC system is new and still under a manufacturer’s warranty.  Although, it is important to know if your equipment manufacturer requires routine maintenance in order for warranty repairs to be covered. If this is the case a maintenance plan may be appropriate.

For older units the cost of the plan can be offset by discounts you receive on your annual HVAC tune-ups, other service calls, and repair parts.  These savings can make a service agreement a good choice.

AC maintenanceHow can you save?
There are a number of ways maintenance plans help offset the expense of servicing your HVAC equipment.  They can vary by plan, but most include:

  • Discounted or Free seasonal air conditioner and heating system tune-ups
  • Diagnostic service calls at discounted rates
  • Discounts on repair parts
  • Increases HVAC system efficiency and lowers energy bills

HVAC Maintenance Agreements Provide Assurance
HVAC maintenance agreements ensure that your HVAC system is serviced regularly and is being well maintained.  These agreements may not be right for everyone, but in many cases spending a little money up front will avoid higher future expenses and problems.Dave Mecklenburg

Mecko’s Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plans
To learn more about how these plans work and what they include, please go to Mecko’s Maintenance Plans.  You’ll find three options that allow you to pick a plan that best fits your needs.  Please contact us at 765-447-7555 with any questions.


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