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I’ve got to replace my heating system.  What are my options?

questionsThere are a number of choices when the need arises to replace an existing furnace or boiler, or specify the type of heating system for new construction.   These include …
•    Forced Air Systems
•    Radiant Heat
•    Hydronic Systems
•    Geothermal Systems
•    Solar Heating

forced airReplacing An Existing Heating/Cooling System
As much as you might like to change to a different type of heating system, your options may be limited by the type of system currently in place.  Converting from a radiant heat system to a forced air furnace may not be practical because of the duct or pipes that are already installed.

You may have the option at this time, though, to convert to a different fuel source i.e. electric, gas or oil.  If access to these fuel choices exists, you may be able to convert to a more energy efficient and lower cost heating system than you presently have.

New Home, Building Constructionradient heat
Those installing heating systems in new houses or commercial buildings are not as limited when evaluating their options.  Here the decision may be driven more by the climate in which someone lives and the need for both heating and air conditioning.

Using radiant and hydronic baseboard heating may be an advantage in more temperate climates where air conditioning is not needed frequently.  In areas requiring both heating and cooling, forced air units, also referred to as central air/heating, provide the capacity to do both using common duct work.

radient, solarGeothermal systems are becoming more popular because of their low costs to operate and environmental appeal.  Although more expensive to install, most are very energy-efficient and use very little electricity or other non-renewable resources.  This means that utility bills will often be quite low and payback can be relatively short.

Solar energy is rapidly becoming popular as a secondary residential heating system in many areas of the country.  Solar heating systems cost virtually nothing to operate, but are expensive to buy and install. They do not work on cloudy days and at night, which is why they are often used in combination with traditional heating systems.

So what is best for me?
When homeowners and building contractors are choosing a heating system for a particular structure, along with the heating and cooling needs, they will take into account if its power source will be electric, gas or oil.  Taking both factors into account will determine the lowest cost solution.

Considering that homes with radiant, hydronic and solar heating systems require separate cooling systems, it is not a surprise that forced air/central heating and cooling systems are the most popular in areas where both heating and cooling are required.

Dave charicatureHelping Make the Best Decision
Mecko’s Heating and Cooling can help you make the best choice for your home or office.  Give us a call at 765-447-7555 or send us an Email Request.  We’ll be happy to run through your options.


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