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Why is it so important to have my furnace checked each year?

Keep your family save and your energy bills low with a Fall furnace check up.

Cozy, warm homeWe all know the importance of getting our oil changed in your vehicle on a regular basis.

The same is true for your home heating system. Each fall is the time to do a little preventive maintenance on your HVAC equipment to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance during the upcoming heating season.

Homeowner Preventive Maintenance
Depending on the type of heating system you have, some preventive maintenance can be done by you, the homeowner.

  • Change filters as required. Usually every other month.
  • Switch high/low returns at the start and end of the heating season.
  • Check all flue pipes and vents for rust, water leaks, and loose connections.
  • If your system has belt driven fans, check the belt to make sure it’s not cracked or loose.
  • Check drain lines to make sure they are clear and draining properly.
  • Listen to the furnace operate and follow up on any strange sounds.

technician working on furnaceService Technician Furnace Inspection
Your professional HVAC service technician will perform equipment checks that will ensure your furnace is safe and energy efficient.

  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and deterioration.
  • Remove and clean the burners if necessary.
  • Check and adjust the unit’s fan switch.
  • Clean and adjust as necessary the pilot light and pilot assembly.
  • Inspect and make sure all safety controls are working properly.
  • Check gas line for leaks from the furnace shut off valve to the burners.
  • Inspect and test all controls and safety devices.
  • Lubricate motors and bearings and inspect and adjust belts and pulleys
  • Check and record voltage and amp ratings on the blower motor, compressor and condenser fan motors.

Having your heating system checked out once a year will assure you that everything is running properly. This will make sleeping through those long winter nights just a little bit easier.

Dave-furnaceMecko’s Heating and Cooling Works On All Types of Heating Systems
Mecko’s technicians have the training and knowledge to work on forced-air furnaces (gas, electric), boiler systems and heat pumps.

Furnace Tune Up Special
Take advantage of Mecko’s Heating & Cooling furnace tune up special for just $79. See Tune Up Special for details.


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Contact Info

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