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How Many Home Projects Do You Have on Your List?  Check This One Off.

hvac-contractor-checklistWith all of us contending with the coronavirus pandemic*, many are now spending much more time at home.  Working, doing online learning with our kids, and getting to many of those home projects we have been putting off.

Add Air Conditioner Service to Your List
One of the items on your checklist this spring should be checking your HVAC system. In many cases for a very small fee homeowners can have their AC unit cleaned and minor maintenance done.  This keeps your AC performing more efficiently and ultimately everything lasts longer.

With the cooling season arriving soon, doing air conditioner service provides a number of benefits …

hvacmaintenance_gauges_2Avoid Costly Summer Breakdowns
By identifying and addressing potential problems early, you’ll avoid a lot of untimely discomfort and save money, too.

Improve the Comfort of Your Home
Your AC unit not only cools your home, but also reduces humidity levels and improves air quality.

Save Money on Your Utility Bills
The Department of Energy states that homeowners who perform annual maintenance on their AC unit will see energy savings of 29% – 32% per year.

Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner
Annual air conditioner service will maximize the life of your AC equipment.

Service Agreements Make It Automatic
FR22 factsor Mecko’s customers with Service Agreements, your air conditioner service will be arranged and taken care of for you.  Having these agreements in place ensures your HVAC system is working efficiently all year round.  For more information on Service Agreements go to  Make It Automatic.

Cost of R22 Continues to Climb
For those whose AC units still use R22 refrigerant, which is no longer being made, it is becoming harder to get and its price continues to go up.

If your older unit continues to require replenishment charges, it is time to consider purchasing a new air conditioner.  Go to the High Price of R22 for additional information.

Mecko's AC checkup offerAnnual Inspections Can Catch Problems Early
It costs a lot to repair or replace an air conditioner. That’s why scheduling air conditioner service once a year can minimize future problems and extend the life of your unit.

Mecko’s AC Super Tune-Up
We’ll perform our 11-Point inspection of your air conditioning system for $79.00. For all the details go to Mecko’s A/C Super Tune Up Special or call us at 765-447-7555.

*Mecko’s Heating & Cooling follows all state and federal “social distancing” recommendations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to our customers and technicians.



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Contact Info

  • 765-447-7555 phone
  • 765-448-2988 fax
  • P.O. Box 4982
  • Lafayette, IN
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