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AC Not Working?  Take These Steps Before Calling for Service

It’s hot outside and your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling sufficiently or its stopped running all together.  Before calling a service technician there are some basic checks that a homeowner can perform.  They may solve the problem and save you a little money.

Before You Call a Service Technician
An AC unit that isn’t cooling may be caused by a refrigerant leak or a number of other reasons.  Some of which may be more easily fixed than others.

change_air_filterBefore you call a service tech, check these items first.

  • A dirty air filter can block airflow.  Change it if it is dirty.
  • Clear away any items that are around the outside air condenser.
  • Check to see that the fan is working on the condenser.  If it isn’t, you’ll need to call a service tech.
  • Check the thermostat.  Is it set 3-4 degrees below the outside temperature?  Is it set on “Cooling Mode”?
  • fusebox1_s_xlCheck your circuit breakers and fuses.  Are they tripped or blown?  Replace and see if the problem reoccurs.  If it does, call a service tech.
  • Check the switches to the outdoor condenser and the indoor air handler to make sure no one inadvertently turned the power off.
  • If your AC unit is cycling on and off frequently, make sure the air register isn’t blowing directly on the thermostat.  It could also mean your AC unit is not sized properly for your home.
  • If you suspect a condensate line is blocked, blow compressed air into the line to dislodge any obstructions, and pour a solution of half-bleach and half-water through the line to get rid of mold.
  • thermostatIf you see ice on your AC, it could mean insufficient air flow caused by a dirty filter, broken fan, or blocked or dirty coils. Check your filter and clean the outside of your condenser.
  • Check your thermostat batteries. Low battery power can lead to the system not functioning properly. Look for a “low battery” indicator and replace the batteries if necessary.

A Little Know-How Can Go a Long Way
With a little knowledge and by performing some basic checks prior to calling for an AC service technician, you can save some money and get your AC unit up and running right away.

Need Service?
If you determine that service on your air conditioner is required, give us a call at 765-447-7555, we’ll be happy to get your AC unit up and running again.



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Contact Info

  • 765-447-7555 phone
  • 765-448-2988 fax
  • P.O. Box 4982
  • Lafayette, IN
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