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7 Common Concerns with Commercial HVAC Systems

Your commercial building’s HVAC system has a lot to do with the productivity and overall health and wellbeing of its occupants.  Addressing common problems found in your commercial HVAC system can significantly increase its efficiency and lower your energy bills.

commercial-hvac-bgIndicators of Common Problems
A U.S. Department of Energy report states that a typical duct system can lose as much as 25% to 40% of the air produced by an HVAC system. To keep a commercial HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, be observant of these common indicators that your system may require maintenance.

1.    Odors or Poor Indoor Air Quality
Common causes of odors from an HVAC system include parts overheating, debris melting on the heat exchanger after being pulled into ductwork, dirty air filters, and condensed water that has become stagnant.

2.    Unexplained Noises
When functioning properly, a commercial HVAC system will make minimal noise.  Unusual noises can indicate a fan has broken, duct work could be loose somewhere, or there is a mechanical problem with the compressor.

commercial-services3.    Insufficient Heating and Cooling
Insufficient heating or cooling of a property is another very common commercial HVAC issue. Frozen coils, thermostat issues and clogged filters are just a few reasons for a building having insufficient heating or cooling. When your HVAC unit is working properly, your entire facility will easily maintain a comfortable temperature throughout.

4.    Inconsistent Airflow
Varying temperatures from room to room can be caused by hard to see leaks in ductwork. Look for cracking, separating, or sagging ductwork; if you see any of these things, your ductwork is leaking. Sudden jumps in energy bills are also an indication that temperature settings are being adjusted to make up for the lack of airflow.

5.    Clogged Drain Lines
Blocked drains can accumulate dirt and algae which can lead to water backing up into the drain pan, causing it to overflow and cause water damage.

meckos truck6.    Overheated Electrical System
Blown fuses indicate overheating of a system’s electrical components.  If your units are shutting off unexpectedly check the circuit breaker and then check the circuits to determine where the overload is occurring.

7.    Not Performing Routine Maintenance
Failure to perform regular routine maintenance often leads to small problems becoming bigger issues.  By following a scheduled maintenance plan you’ll catch problems early and avoid more costly repairs.

Full Service, Dedicated Staff
Mecko’s Heating & Cooling provides full commercial HVAC service maintenance, with dedicated staff to ensure ongoing system maintenance and quick repair for your commercial HVAC systems.   For more on our capabilities go to Commercial HVAC Services.



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